H Mesh

H mesh type of self clean screens has H shape mesh opening,more open area than other.which self clean screening all kind size of extremely wet,moist material using in mining, quarry,aggregate processing industires.no blinding screening, increase production.

Self clean screening mesh is core product of candurs,including flexi and poly ripple profile type.Full H mesh was made from high tensile carbon steel and stainless steel,wear and abrasion resistant,which was exported South Africa, Australia,Thailand etc.

H-Mesh-Self Cleaning Screens

H type of self clean screening mesh feature:

More open area than D and W mesh

Flexi and Poly ripple profile type.

Great self clean screening capacity.

Non blind screening extremely sticky material

Efficient production.

Supplied flat hooked panels

Customized screens panels width and length.

Candurs guarantee high quality of woven wire self clean screening mesh,cost competitive,quick delivery.