Mining Screens Cloth

Woven wire mining screens cloth widely using in screening and grading all kinds size of sand, gravel, coal, stone,rock, chipping,metal material and other ore material etc.Economic and easy installation.

Candurs is a leading manufacturer of woven wire screens in china,Full of candurs mining screens cloth was made from high tensile steel,stainless steel,wear resistant.

Mining Screens Mesh

Available high tensile mining screens cloth:

Square mesh

Rectangular mesh

Long slot mesh

Non blinding screening mesh



Candurs provide professional further mining screens cloth processing,Such us edge hooked process,surface treatment finished etc.Cost competitive,Quickly delivery.

Mining Screens Mesh

Full screens under high quality control.mesh tolerance 2%-4%, wire wear and abrasion resistive .Long work life.

Hooks bent angle 30°-180°.

Surface treatment-rust resistive.

Supplied flat panel,hooked panel

Customized screens width and length.