Trippleshoot Screens

Trippleshoot screens has long slot opening in triple shoot weave,long slot triple shoot screens to treat material have the tendency to clogging and blinding screening,efficient production.

Candurs provide professional trippleshoot screens weaving,edge hooked and surface treatment etc.full of triple shoot screens was made from high tensile carbon steel and stainless steel,wear resistant,high tensile strength.

Trippleshoot Screens

Available shoot wire weave screens

Wire diameterØ 1mm-12.5mm.

Double shoot screens

Triple shoot screens

Fivefold shoot screens

Altermate slot screens

Distance of transversal interview 4cm-30cm.

Supplied standard hooked trippleshoot screens panels.

Customized triple shoot screens width and length.

Candurs guarantee supply high quality trippleshoot screens,cost competitive,quick delivery.

Trippleshoot Screens

Triple shoot screens feature:

Accurately long slot mesh opening.

Stable structure.

Non blinding screening capacity.

Wear and abrasion resistive.

Triple shoot screens has more mesh area than square mesh.efficient production.

High tensile trippleshoot screens widely use for screening wet,sticky,moist material in mining,quarry industries.