65 Mn Steel Screen Cloth

65 Mn steel screen cloth was made from high tensile temper 65 Mn steel,best material for screens cloth in china.65 Mn screen widely use for screening all kinds size of sand, gravel, coal, stone,rock, chipping,metal material and other ore material in mining,quarry,aggregate industries.

Candurs provide variety of mn steel screen to meet customer's special application. full of mn steel screen was made from high tensile 65 Mn temper steel. High tensile strength,wear and abrasion resistant,long work life.

65Mn steel Screens

Available 65 Mn Screen:

Square mesh

Rectangular mesh

Triple shoot wire

Ripple weave etc.

Wire: Ø3.15mm-12.5mm

65 Mn screen can be woven by plain weave,double crimped weave,flat top weave etc.

Candurs provide full range of 65 Mn steel screen further processing,such as edges hooked,surface treatment etc.

Candurs guarantee supply high quality 65 Mn steel screen cloth,cost-competitive,quickly lead time.